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You can have hope. New Dawn Wellness & Recovery Center provides a wide range of treatment options to help you gain control over your life again. If you are struggling with alcohol addiction, reach out to our skilled professionals. We offer convenience, reliable help, and outstanding support through the process of breaking your addiction.


Ask us about our mornings, afternoons, evenings, and Saturday morning programs.

Work towards your new dawn

Alcohol addiction doesn't have to be the focus of your life. Let our skilled professionals and compassionate services help you to regain control.

Comprehensive services:

• Comprehensive treatment programs

• Individualized treatment planning from 1 to 15 hours a week

• Relapse prevention services

• Couples and family counseling

• Dual diagnosis program

• Whole-person approach

• Full assessment

Full family support

Alcohol addiction is a family disease. We welcome you to include your family in our treatment plans. The behavior you have while struggling through addiction can create long-term, negative impacts on all members of your family. We provide services for the whole family. We also provide support for couples.


Expect exceptional service from our team.

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