Addiction Treatment Services

A Holistic and Evidenced-Based Treatment Program

Addiction to alcohol, drugs or gambling can quickly become the focus of your life. Addiction Treatment Services may be your answer. Our experienced team of addiction counselors provides both individual and group sessions for those with a goal to live a clean and sober life.

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Addiction Treatment Services in Topeka, KS

Since 2004

Our staff works with teenagers and older individuals to give extremely addiciton treatment services. We do this by providing compassion, support, and the most recent therapeutic best practices.

Our Approach to Treatment

Individualized Treatment

Since each person is different, they should receive customized care that is tailored to their needs.

Group Treatment

The cornerstone of an effective treatment program is group therapy. Groups offer a controlled, secure setting where members can learn about and talk about a variety of addiction and recovery-related subjects.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

At New Dawn, we employ cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), an evidence-based treatment strategy that has been successful in treating substance use problems.

Solutions for Recovery

Our solution-focused support will assist you in starting along the road to a better life after recovery.

All Encompassing Treatments

Regardless of how your drug use has affected your relationships, job, money, mental health, etc., we will work with you to create an addiction-free, healthier lifestyle.

Receive Personalized Care From a Professional 

To learn more or to arrange a consultation, those in the Topeka, Kansas, region who are in need of addiction treatment only need to give us a call. Our staff gives extremely effective addiction treatment choices. We do this by providing compassion, support, and the most recent therapeutic best practices.

We provide morning, afternoon, and evening addiction rehabilitation sessions on weekdays to better fit your job, school, and family schedules.

Since its founding in 2004, New Dawn Wellness & Recovery Center has been offering alcohol, drug and gambling addiction counseling and support services to the local community. Our clients quickly experience good improvements as a result of our flexible group and individual counseling sessions. They also learn useful coping mechanisms that are crucial for avoiding relapses.

Insurance & Funding

The majority of significant private insurance companies are in our network. We also take Medicaid and Kancare. Treatment that is financed by the state may be available to clients who meet specific income and residence conditions. The state of Kansas covers all costs for those seeking assistance in the treatment of a gambling addiction. We also accept commercial insurance.

We’ree here to work in tandem with you to provide efficient addiction therapy and welcome new patients.

Grant Funding Available for Those Who Qualify for Financial Assistance.

Addiction Treatment Services FAQs

Do we do MAT?

No, we do not do Medication-assisted treatement (MAT).

What are two sets of skills that will enable you to avoid substance abuse?

You may manage life’s challenges in a healthy way and recognize the triggers that might cause you to use drugs or alcohol by practicing stress management and mindfulness techniques. Establish objectives. Continue to move. Take part in hobbies and pastimes that are healthful.

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