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Continuum of Care

At New Dawn Wellness & Recovery Center, we provide outgoing support to our patients.

A New Dawn of Hope

We wish you a better life free from drug and alcohol abuse as well as obsessive conduct. Compulsive habits affect many people for a variety of reasons. They frequently serve as a coping mechanism to lessen suffering during difficult times. Although closing the door to addiction is not easy, we are here to support you.

We’ll help prevent relapse

We recognize that the care you receive from us must equip you with the knowledge and resources you’ll need in the future to avoid relapsing. You will thus always receive thorough assistance and recovery tools.

Relapse Prevention

We target relapse prevention at every stage of the care you receive from us. It is covered in full in your ongoing care plan as well. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you fear relapsing.

In order to avoid relapsing, you’ll discover how to swap out your bad feelings for happy ones.

Comprehensive Plans

Our programs for treating addiction are all-inclusive. We examine socialization in substance-affected relationship dynamics. We also use cognitive therapy as the foundation for our treatment. You can alter your behavior by adjusting your false or distorted ideas, bad feelings, and wrong assessments of your life.

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