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Substance Use Disorder

At New Dawn, patients receive evidence-based treatment that combines a strengths-based approach, motivation interviewing, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

What is Treatment?

We offer all-encompassing counseling to assist you in overcoming addiction and achieving a full recovery. A certified addiction counselor from our organization leads each therapy session.

Who is treatment for?

We welcome everyone who is struggling with a chemical or alcohol addiction, or anyone who is simply not achieving their goals in life because of their substance use.

How can treatment help you?

Addiction affects all facets of your life and is a bio-psycho-social illness. During treatment, our main goal is to help you lead a more healthy, addiction-free existence. We work with you on a variety of topics, including relationships, spirituality, stress management, communication skills, and emotional processing (guilt, shame, grief, etc.).

Our mission is to provide you the foundational knowledge needed to maximize your life, accept yourself as you are, and reach long-term objectives that you previously believed were unachievable due to addiction.

Group & Individual Treatment

The cornerstone of an effective addiction treatment program is group therapy. Groups offer a controlled, secure setting where members can learn about and talk about a variety of addiction and recovery-related subjects. As they advance in their recovery, group members also get assistance, criticism, and motivation from a counselor in addition to from one another.


Treatment Groups Offered

• Gender-Specific CBT Treatment Groups
• Co-Ed CBT Treatment Groups
• Co-Ed CBT Intensive Outpatient Treatment Group
• Continue Care Treatment Groups
• Co-Occurring Disorder Co-Ed CBT Treatment Group
• Advanced Recovery Techniques (ART) Group
• Anger Management Group
• Grief and Loss Group

Levels of Care Offered

New Dawn offers both Level 1 Outpatient and Level 2 Intensive Outpatient Treatment
Level 1 treatment is 1 to 9 hours of treatment per week, which generally is 3 to 6 hours of group per week with individual sessions as needed.

Level 2 treatment is 9 to 15 hours of treatment per week, which generally is 9 hours of group per week with individual sessions as needed.


Groups are scheduled at set times, either in the mornings or evenings Monday through Saturday.


Individual treatment counseling offers a one-on-one setting where the client is the only focus, where more personal topics can be discussed, and where treatment progress can be monitored. We advise at least one individual session for every 20 group hours.

More Details

• Level of Care and treatment modality assignment is made after your needs are assessed at the initial evaluation. Every person’s needs are unique, and we work to provide an individualized treatment experience for everyone.

• Concerned about the affordability of treatment? See our Cost of Treatment page.

• Interested in taking the first step towards treatment? See our Admission Process page.

• Please see our Continuum of Care page for more info regarding the full scope of treatment we provide.

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